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 5-17-09, EPIC WAR 3

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PostSubject: 5-17-09, EPIC WAR 3   Wed Jun 17, 2009 10:12 pm

Epic war 3 is the worst in the series. But is still fun in moderation. in this game you control an army that CONSTANTLY REBUILDS. this means that your army will keep building no matter how many you already have, this is different from the past to were you needed certain mana amounts to play. in a world map, you attack your opponents territories, upgrade your defence and get attacked your self. every time you attack or get attacked, you go into battle mode. here you send your army, or hold it back for defence.

ups- you have constant soldiers, strong specials, many different warriors, and the ability to make your warriors retreat.
downs-you don't have a bow, its a small map, and can only have a few types of warriors during a battle.

Graphics- 8.9, great graphics except the option button is glitchy and looks horrible
Gameplay- 6.5, worse than the other two this could use improvement.
Difficulty- 9.2, really hard for the average player but still not like the previous 2.
Length- 6.7, for an average player, about 3-4 hours.
Audio- 10.0, i love teh music (i am a little biased towards drmatic and techno music for future refrence.)
OVERALL-7.1, good, but not EPIC WAR 2 good.
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5-17-09, EPIC WAR 3
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